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Whale Group offers buyers with an efficient, digital one-stop procurement and fulfillment solution in the North America, Europe, Africa and Asia regions. We provide R&D, product selection, procurement, production, quality control, transportation, customs clearance, distribution, and other supply chain services across several consumer-goods categories like home appliances, textiles, household products and more.


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How Whale Group helped an IoT company launch a special anniversary product

At the start of 2022, Yamada celebrated its 45th anniversary. The company has a goal of being the largest internet of things (IoT) company in Japan. They wanted to do something special for an anniversary celebration and decided to develop a commemorative home appliance

Developing a new mini dishwashers with Whale Group

“We have a long relationship with Whale Group developing new products for our business. Since working with Whale Group, we have increased our selling channels across Japan. The Whale Group team is very reliable and has a lot of experience in this industry. We plan to increase our business with them in the future.”

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