Customer Success Stories

Success story: How Whale Group helped a designer bag brand reduce production costs


Rootote is a famous Japanese local bag company with a team of excellent designers and has been around since 1984. The brand specializes in luxury down bags filled with natural raw materials. Shortly after the down bags started selling, prices for the materials increased and it became too expensive to continue producing the down bags. Rootote had to find another factory that could produce the same high-quality down bags at a lower price, which was very difficult to find, so they turned to Whale Group for help.



Once Whale Group was contacted, the necessary teams mobilized and all resources were tapped to find the perfect supplier. Whale Group discovered a bag supplier that had over 500 employees and over 500 sets of advanced sewing equipment. Although the factory mostly produced computer bags and backpacks, when they received the request, they were eager to collaborate with Whale Group to solve this problem. They began working on a variety of options to create a high-quality down bag at a low production cost. Whale Group worked with the factory to get the production costs down by using an automatic filling machine to add the down feathers to the bags instead of using the artificial hand filling machines available in most factories.



Whale Group was able to present Rootote with the down bag they were looking for at a price point they were very happy with. Soon after a sample was given to Rootote, the first orders went out. The next year, Rootote placed an even larger order, and orders continued to increase in size year after year. Rootote eventually began ordering additional bags to expand their product line and still continue to work with Whale Group to offer more products to their customers.