Customer Success Stories

Success story: Developing a new mini dishwashers with Whale Group


SK Japan is a household electrical appliance wholesale company that manufactures and sells goods wholesale to companies all over the world. One of the top products they helped popularize in the Japanese market are mini desktop dishwashers. When SK Japan’s supplier started running into technical problems, they needed to evaluate alternative solutions for producing their products. The problem was that very few factories had the capabilities to conduct research and development as well as produce original equipment design at the quality that SK required for its products.



SK Japan contacted Whale Group to help search for a factory that had the customization capabilities for high-quality products that SK Japan prided itself on offering. Whale Group immediately went to work calling manufacturers and visiting factories to find a suitable replacement. After an exhaustive period of background checks, verifications, on-site visits, audits, interviews, and more, Whale Group discovered a factory that had the ability to produce the mini dishwasher SK Japan wanted.



Whale Group presented its top factory choice to SK Japan, and after signing off, the factory went to work creating a mold for a desktop dishwasher and provided samples to SK Japan. Not only did SK Japan begin using the mold for its new mini desktop dishwashers, the company was able to offer a new line of mini dishwashers that had more functions than before, within the same budget as before. With the new line of dishwashers, annual sales doubled and SK Japan continued working with the factory and expanding on its line of products.