Success story: How Whale Group became a long-term supplier to a youth fashion brand


Authentic Style is a family business founded in 1991 and has been cultivating extensive wholesaler relationships since the beginning. It is one of the leading companies on the youth fashion scene and has Europe’s largest warehouse for youth fashion. The company’s brands – EIGHT2NINE, ROCK ANGEL, SKY REBEL, FRESH MADE, SUBLEVEL, URBAN SURFACE, STITCH & SOUL, and 98-86 – all offer current styles and the newest trends in the market.

Thanks to constant growth since its founding in 1991, the company can look back on numerous milestones, such as its successful entry into direct sales with its own online shop. Wanting to expand even further, the company decided to produce new offerings in their overall and dyed shirts categories, but after an exhaustive search, they weren’t able to find any suppliers that were able to fit their needs.



When we first contacted Authentic Style, we gave them a lot of new designs and were able to quickly deliver the products they wanted. Fashion is a job that requires passion, and with a staff that has an excellent sense of current fashion trends, we were able to produce new styles for the youth fashion market and deliver to the customer right away.

We achieved this goal by placing particular emphasis on consistent quality. Rigorous and ongoing quality assurance underpins all our entrepreneurial processes, and for us, this naturally includes adhering to all German quality standards.



Whale Group was able to help Authentic Style find a new supplier, confirm the desired styles, conduct design proofing, and resolve all issues. We were also able to achieve a balanced price-to-performance ratio, and we regularly monitor these standards in order to ensure consistent quality across all products. We provided Authentic Style with exactly what they wanted and provided better service than they asked for, and because of this, we have been working with them for 14 years.