Customer Success Stories

Success story: How Whale Group helped an IoT company launch a special anniversary product


At the start of 2022, Yamada celebrated its 45th anniversary. The company has a goal of being the largest internet of things (IoT) company in Japan. They wanted to do something special for an anniversary celebration and decided to develop a commemorative home appliance. They didn’t know what they wanted to develop, but they did know they wanted an appliance that has a novel appearance, unique functions, and an innovative design.


Yamada contacted Whale Group and told them about the idea to develop a commemorative household appliance that met the standards they set forth. Whale Group searched through its factory contacts in the area and began brainstorming appliances they could manufacture with high-quality products, customization options, and reliable production. After countless brainstorms, Whale Group presented Yamada with a mini washing and drying machine designed for cleaning women’s and baby’s under garments. The appliance had three functions: washing, drying, and sterilization, and it was equipped with a unique water tank design, free of installation.


When Yamada saw the final product for the first time they were beyond satisfied and immediately began negotiating supply and production contracts for the mini washing/dryer machines. Yamada was able to sell a lot of the products and it was a big hit in the market. Now they continue to work with Whale Group on a long-term strategy partnership and are always exploring new products and upgrades to offer.