Whale 4.6 L Capacity Washing Air Purifier of 158 ml/h humidification quantity

Item No.: airpurifier001
Healthy natural pure humidification experience
Work continuously for 32 hours
4.6 L capacity
158 ml/h humidification quantity
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Product Specification
Product Weight Product Size Application Area
2.3KG 220*220*311.5mm 16
Voltage Power Water Tank Capacity
AC 100-240V 50Hz-60HZ 5W 5L


Company Profile
About Us
As COVID-19 spread around the world, countries began closing their doors to combat the issue, creating a
huge challenge for global traders.
If you can’t travel abroad, it’s difficult to conduct global business. With transportation costs skyrocketing,
supply chains backing up, and rules and regulations becoming more complicated, small and medium-sized
customers in the global trade competition gradually disappeared.
In order to provide support for global traders, Whale Group was established. Combining online and offline
trade modes, we aim to improve compliance efficiency, help customers save money, and provide an
exceptional one-stop service.
This is a new company with a new team composed of the post-80s and post-90s generation. In this group,
we have experts with 20 years' experience in traditional foreign trade, professional purchasers who integrate
domestic suppliers in various industries, and talents who have returned from overseas that know more about
the markets and consumers. We will provide you with - 


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